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5 Incredible Clues to Make Your Flowers Last Long

Flowers are lovely and provide one of the best ways to express your love and care for family, friends, or other significant people in your lives. You must seek a florist offering same day flower delivery in Singapore to ensure no chances of disappointment on your special day. One painful truth is that flowers do not last forever. But since they are critically attached to memorable moments, you might want to have them hang around for a while. Fortunately, it is possible to preserve your flowers, and here are some tips to help you.

  •     Stem Cutting

Many people mistake forgetting to cut the stems of their flowers once they receive them. You do not want to make the same mistake if you want to extend the life of your flowers. Cutting the stems at an angle will improve the water intake in your flowers since they will not be sitting flat on the vase. Use garden shears and cut about one and a half inches of the stems at an angle. Remember to repeat this after several days to make your flowers last even longer.

  •     Pruning

If you realize some flowers below the waterline, you must eliminate them. It will make your bouquet look stunning and avoid the chances of bacterial growth. Flowers like roses will have guard petals, and removing them will enable your flower to open up fully. These are the outermost two or three petals of the flowers. From your initial pruning, always investigate your flowers for loose or dead petals or leaves and remove them to avoid bacterial rot.

  •     Watering

When you receive your flowers from a florist offering same day flower delivery in Singapore, it is more evidence that they need water to last longer. However, it is not just watering your flowers for the sake of it; you must do it wisely. Your flowers need to stay hydrated after the stems have been cut. Therefore, take a clean vase and pour room temperature water together with a flower food packet. The mixture should be even with the water, not too diluted or concentrated. Most importantly, it is crucial to replace the water and clean the vase every few days to boost the health of your flowers.

  •     No Direct Sunlight

Heat, fruits, drafts, and direct sunlight can decrease the life of your flowers. You must maintain your flowers only at room temperatures, away from direct sunlight or anything that can generate heat. Also, it would help if you avoided areas like open windows, ceiling fans, and cooling vents since they can make your flowers dehydrate faster. Additionally, understand that ripening fruits release some portions of ethylene gas that will minimize the longevity of your flower’s freshness.

Delivery of a floral workshop. The customer receives his order-a bouquet of pink and pale yellow roses. Hand courier pass flowers to the buyer
  •     Household Remedies

You can also combine the general care of flowers with some home remedies to lengthen the life of your flowers. You might have a few things at your house which can help you enjoy your bouquets for a while. This includes vodka, soda, hairspray, fridge, flower food, coins, bleach, aspirin, apple cider vinegar combined with sugar. When you seek same day flower delivery in Singapore, remember to consult on using these household items to lengthen the lifespan of your flowers.

Indeed, these clues sound convincing, and you should try them when you receive your flowers. But note that it might depend on the type of flowers you receive and how you intend to use them. But all in all, flowers are connected to memories, and you do not want to forget them so quickly.