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5 things to consider while choosing a remote interpreting company

Do you plan to hire a remote interpreting company for your next event?

If so, you will be spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of such companies available. If you were to pick randomly, chances are you might end up choosing the wrong company. That might reduce the effectiveness of your event.

Rather than taking that risk, it is better to compare the different remote interpreting companies on 5 parameters. We will highlight these 5 parameters below. Once you compare them on these parameters, choosing the right company becomes easy.


1. Quality of interpretation:
Before you hire such a company, it is good to ask them regarding their portfolio or sample. Both of these will let you know about the quality of their interpretation services. Without taking that into account, choosing such a company will be a mistake.

When you’re analyzing the quality, you have to take into account things like:

· Fluency
· Vocabulary
· Clarity
· And so on

When you judge the quality of interpretation on these few factors, you can easily understand which interpretation company surpasses the other one.


2. Experience:
Choosing a new interpretation company is a mistake. You need a reliable one. You can only find a reliable company when you go with an experienced one.

Whenever you’re taking a quotation, you always have to inquire about their experience. Only once you inquire about their experience you will be able to find the right company.

Ideally, you should choose an interpretation company with at least 3 to 5 years of experience in this field. In that case, they will have redundancies in their work so that there is no flaw or hardware malfunction.

You have to consider this factor and then shortlist the interpretation company.


3. Compatibility with your event:
Not every interpreting company can work in conjunction with your event timings and location. That is why compatibility with your event is one of the main factors on which you should judge an interpreting company. There are three ways to adjust the compatibility of the company to your event. We will highlight these below.

o Availability:
Only when the interpreters of the company are available at that time can you get the interpretation and a respectable turnaround time. You have to let them know the time of your event and thereafter enquire regarding the same. That will let you know about their availability.

o Connectivity:
You have to also enquire regarding the type of connectivity they need. Many companies prefer just call. Some others prefer a video call. Only when the type of connectivity is feasible at your event venue can you go ahead with that interpretation company.

o Language compatibility:
Most interpreting companies are comfortable in translating to or from English. However, when you’re dealing with any other language, you have to enquire from the company whether they support that language or not.

When you adjust the compatibility of the company on these 3 criteria, it becomes easier for you to choose the best one.


4. Security mechanism on offer:
No company can afford data breaches or leakage of their company events and recordings. That is why you need to choose an interpreting company that has some security mechanisms in place.

Ideally, the company should connect to your event over a secure line. Not only that, they should have robust cloud servers in which they can keep your files securely.

Only when the company has such basic security mechanisms can you choose that interpreting company over others.


5. Communication:
When you’re hiring an interpreting company, communication with them needs to be quick. There is no use in contacting the company and then waiting for two days to reply.

You have to check the customer support and communication of the company before adding one. The simplest way is to send them an inquiry for a quote. Once you interact with them, it will be easier for you to understand whether their communication is up to the mark or not.

So, instead of choosing any remote interpreting company, it is a good idea to compare them on these five parameters. Once you do so, choosing the right one becomes easy.