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Gauge offers outsourced accounting services for small business

Most small businesses in Singapore focus on their core competences and are often unable to hire a competent accountant for maintaining financial records and tax filing. Hence, increasingly businesses are outsourcing their bookkeeping to firms specialized in accounting for small business in Singapore like Gauge Tax and Accounting. Since a large number of businesses in Singapore are using the services of Gauge, they are aware of all the financial regulatory norms and ensure that the clients maintain the required records, pay taxes and file GST and other returns based on their annual turnover.

To ensure that the proper financial records are maintained, Gauge has well trained accountants services in Singapore who will ensure that all the relevant documents are retained and book keeping process complies with the regulatory norms. This ensures that the business is aware about the expenses like salaries which are to be paid, when the payments are due, and plan the finances accordingly. It will also ensure that clients receive invoices periodically for the services or goods purchased and pay them on time. This ensures that the business cash flow improves and they have funds to pay all the business expenses on time.

Gauge will also identify the creditors who have not made the payment on time, so that the business can follow up. They will inform the business management about the bills which are due, so that funds can be arranged. They will also analyse the financial performance of the business for the convenience of the business owners and inform the owners whether they are meeting their financial goals. Using the accounting data available, the financial statements will be provided in a clear format, so that the clients are able to easily understand the information. Additionally the fees charged by Gauge for accounting services are significantly lower than other similar firms, especially for small businesses, which have less than five hundred transactions in a year.