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Places to get Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore

For those of you who want to make sure your child is getting the best grades, it is essential that they can do well in their math classes. Unfortunately, many students struggle with basic math skills and cannot grasp them regardless of their educational support. This can be very frustrating for the parents and students who feel like they know what they’re doing but can’t get the right answer. Here are some places where you can find secondary maths tuition in Singapore.

Family Tutor

Family Tutor is a company that assists parents and teachers who are struggling with the math skills of their children and their students. In addition to providing secondary Math tuition, they also provide tutoring for science and English and personal and career counseling. They also offer a variety of fun games, different learning styles, math clubs, and much more. The best part about Family Tutor is that it is available online or in person. You can use them at home through an online platform, or you can use them in person with your child at the Family Tutor Learning Centre.

Southeast Asia International School

If you’re looking to get secondary math tuition in Singapore, South East Asia International School is a great place to start. They offer various curriculums for students from grade 6 onwards, including the Cambridge IGCSE program. You can even choose from online programs if you can’t make it in person.

Taipei American School

If you’re looking for secondary math tuition in Singapore, the Taipei American School is a great place. They offer classes in both elementary and secondary levels specifically designed to help students learn how to do better at their math classes. They offer comprehensive learning programs in a variety of languages and also provide after-school tutoring for students who need it. If you’re looking for primary or secondary math tuition, this would be an excellent solution for your family.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts is a private secondary school specializing in fine arts. This school provides tuition for all subjects from secondary Math tuition and offers parents an educational environment suitable for their children. They offer students the opportunity to learn how to draw and paint on an advanced level, while they also provide opportunities for students to study design and culinary arts.

NTU-S’pore International School

One of the best places to get secondary maths tuition in Singapore is NTU-S’pore International School. This school offers students high-quality education and classes at primary and secondary levels. They offer various mathematics classes, including calculus, linear algebra, geometry, and differential equations. This school also has a small class size which means that teachers are available to answer your questions and help with homework assignments. Another great benefit of this school is its location. The school is very close to the center of Singapore, so transportation shouldn’t be an issue.


UWCSEA is one of the most reputable and well-known institutions in Singapore. The school has a second-level course that provides students with various courses, including math classes. The cost for the course is about $4,000 for one semester, and UWCSEA’s tuition for English learners is also offered here at less than half the price. In addition to providing students with a course, UWCSEA also offers counseling services to help students understand the material they are learning.


Whether you’re looking to get an extra math tutoring session, increase your understanding of the subject, or brush up your skills before a big exam, there are plenty of places to get secondary maths tuition in Singapore.