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Qualities Of A Good A Level Biology Tutor In Singapore

Biology is a natural science that deals with the study of life and living organisms. Despite the subject being offered in primary and O levels, it becomes a real hustle for A-level students due to the fast pace of lectures at this education juncture. Furthermore, it’s a text-heavy subject that can get tedious to understand. One way to make this subject effortless to understand and easy to pass in examinations is considering A level biology tuition.

In this article, we’ll look at what is covered in A level biology, the kind of students who need A level biology tuition and the qualities of a good A level biology tutor in Singapore.



What do you study in A-level biology?

GCE A-level subjects are divided into two fronts: core syllabus and extension subjects.

Core syllabus- This covers the main principles, including the cell and biomolecules of life, genetics and inheritance, biology evaluation and energy & inheritance

Extension topics- In this category, you’ll learn two topics: Infectious diseases/ immunization and the Impact of climate change on plants and animals.



A level biology examination includes short questions, long structured questions and practicals. Note the above subjects and tests are also taught and done in H1 Biology, only that there’re no practicals.

This said, we can look at who needs tuition for A level biology?

Here are the categories of students who need A level biology tuition the most:

  • Students who want to pursue a career in Biology as the main subject.
  • A student whose A level biology grades are stagnant despite the individual effort put in
  • Student looking for clarification and guidance on particular Biology topics
  • Final year students preparing for their main examinations


Qualities of a good A level biology tutor



  • Knowledgeable and highly experienced- It easier to work with an ex/current A-level biology teacher as your tutor since they’ll always be sufficiently experienced to handle every topic and concept regarding the subject. Do your research to get the right tutor- one who adds value rather than wasting your time.
  • Have all biology learning materials needed- As mentioned above, Biology is a science subject that, from time to time, requires models and illustrations to make the theoretical concepts easy to understand. Serious A level biology tuition should definitely involve everything that you’ll need to understand the concepts effortlessly. Note that learning materials also cover core syllabus books and supplementary knowledge books.
  • Flexible- Tutoring is all about maximally utilizing most of the time you’re off class to hone your understanding of the challenging topics. A good tutor should be available to guide you anytime you need them. Flexibility also covers the ability of the tutor to switch up the schedule they have to respond to your arising concerns.
  • Budget-friendly- A good Biology tutor should have the above three qualities and still be considerate when it comes to pricing. An A-level biology tutor’s average hourly rate is between $30 and $120, depending on the tutor’s experience and the tutoring mode (part-time or full-time). Get a good tutor first, then discuss and strike a deal on the rate you’re all comfortable with.



With A level biology tuition, you’ll understand all the relevant content and be in a better position to apply it in your school tutorial questions, final A-level examinations and in the job market. A good A-level biology tutor should exhaustively understand the subject matter and have all the materials to help you excel in this subject. So sign up for an A level biology tuition, ace your knowledge for this subject and be in a better position to clinch a clean A in your examinations.