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Three of the Best Cafes Where To Take Instagram Photos in Singapore

Nothing defines Instagram more than taking photos at a cafe. Having a cup of coffee, maybe a slice of your favourite cake, and sitting down at a comfortable seat is a typical day that is meant to be posted on Instagram.


Singapore has many cafes that can help your Instagram feed look more polished, sophisticated, and gorgeous. With its charming interiors, great servings of food and drink, and overall atmosphere, some cafes can bring out the best in your Instagram feed.


Where are the best cafes in Singapore to take Instagram photos in Singapore? These are three cafes that you can visit.


Singapore Coffee


This cafe is known for its upscale offerings and overall atmosphere. Its wall, known for its sleek logo splashed dead centre, is a staple in many Instagram photos in Singapore. That alone is enough to convince you to take a photo on the table near the wall.


Aside from their classy interiors, their food and drink offerings are also to die for. Their signature Kopi Shake is popular among regulars and visiting locals. Made with condensed and evaporated milk, topped with cocoa powder and served in a cute cocktail glass, drinking coffee is taken to the next level.

Canopy Hortpark


If your Instagram aesthetic calls for something closer to nature, this cafe is right up your alley. This cafe ideally provides the urban oasis concept without having to sweat tons and retouch your makeup several times. The spacious interiors are cosy enough, serving as a refuge to the notorious summer heat of Singapore.


They serve everything from typical coffee and chocolate drinks to something boozy like Moscato and prosecco. If you’re a bit hungry, then you can order their famous eggs benedict and dry-aged beef burgers. One thing that sets this cafe apart is they’re very much welcoming to pets. This cafe is indeed a pet owner’s oasis.


La Fez


This cafe is designed based on storefronts in Morocco, so if you feel your Gone With The Wind fantasy, this cafe is the one for you. Serving great menu offerings such as the Marrakesh Dip Platter, five dips served with flatbread, and their classic mint tea is enough to pay a visit to their cafe decorated with elements of North Africa and Arab mysticism.


Our Takeaway


It is not that hard to find a place where are the best cafes to take Instagram photos in Singapore are. These cafes offer different design aesthetics and diverse offerings spanning various global cuisines, and their overall feels are calling to be featured on your Instagram feed. Once you upload a photo taken from these cafes, watch as crowds of people visit your profile and leave likes and comments of appreciation to your taste.