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Tips for searching job in Singapore

Since Singapore is the most developed city state in Asia, professionals from all over the world, especially Asia wish to find a job in Singapore for a number of reasons. Salaries in Singapore are usually higher than in other places in Asia since it has a high per capita income, and the standard of living is also better. The work experience gained from working in Singapore will also lead to better career opportunities in the future. Hence professionals are interested in finding the best way to search for jobs in Singapore so that they find a suitable job based on their experience, professional qualifications, and skills.


For individuals who are already residing in Singapore, it is easier to find a job since they can easily access the various media where the jobs are an advertisement and also contact the placement agencies directly. Some companies are advertising their jobs offline in newspapers, using outdoor advertising since they are aware that everyone is not using the internet. Professionals living in Singapore can check the newspapers daily to find if there are suitable jobs. In some cases, only a mailing address may be provided. They can also apply for any job which is advertised outdoors, using the phone number, address, or email which is provided.


However, checking the newspapers daily for jobs is a time consuming process since there may be no suitable jobs on many days. Professionals who are not living in Singapore will not be able to access the newspapers or jobs advertised outdoors. So in these cases, it is easier and more convenient to use a job portal to find the right job. DreamCareerBuilder is one of the more reputed job portals in Singapore. The portal was developed by Human resource professionals who have many years of experience in recruiting for businesses in Singapore, helping professionals find suitable jobs. Both professionals and businesses can register at the job portal for free


DreamCareerBuilder has a large number of jobs from different companies in Singapore listed. These jobs are classified into different categories like Marketing, Sales, Finance, Construction, Manufacturing, Banking, Hospitality. Based on his experience and interests, the professional can check the various jobs available and apply to them. The job portal also has a search option, so the job seeker can search if there is any job available with the specified keyword. Work at home option is provided while searching at the job portal for those who are interested in a home-based job, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.


Often highly qualified professionals and others may not find suitable jobs being advertised on the job portal. So one option which will greatly increase the number of opportunities available, they can consider using the resume distribution service of DreamCareerBuilder. Since the owners of the business have worked with a large number of companies for recruitment, they have a large email database. So after considering the resume, especially qualification, education, and skills, they will distribute the resume of the professional to a large number of companies in Singapore, making it easier to find the ideal job.