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What is the Process for Cheap Trademark Application?

When you need to apply for a trademark in Singapore, it would be better to outsource it to a company that provides this service. The process is going to take a while and you may end up regretting doing it yourself. Good thing, a lot of companies provide this service and after a few days, you will eventually forget it even happened. Yes, there are people who are fast with this and they would love nothing more than to register your trademark. Before hiring someone, you must know what you need to provide them. Here are the basic steps in the cheap trademark application Singapore:


Create Unique Trademark

Better check out the trademarks of your competitors so you won’t create something that looks similar to their trademarks. After all, someone may be on the wrong end of a lawsuit when a discovery has been made. Thus, better make it as unique as possible. When coming up with a design, be sure to make it out of the ordinary. If that is the case, it is doubtful anyone came up with it before.


Identification of Applicable Class

This is determining which class your business belongs in. This is probably the fastest step among them all since it will just take a few seconds for you to figure it out.


Application Filing

You are going to request a form that you are declaring that you use the trademark you came up with. Once that form is approved and signed by all the concerned individuals then it is on to the next step. The IPOS will take a look at your application and you can’t blame them if it will take them a while to review it. After all, they receive a lot of applications so better give them all the time they need.


Examination for Conflicts with Other Trademarks

This is going to take a while but they have a lot of people looking at other trademarks. In a few hours, they will tell you whether your trademark is good to go or you will need to change it.


Advertisement for Public Scrutiny

Your trademark will finally be made known to the public and anyone can make an objection if they feel the need to. When the time frame is over, you will finally get that trademark you longed for. This is a time when you should feel proud of the trademark you came up with. It is pretty rare for someone to object to it which is good news.


After knowing the process for a cheap trademark application Singapore, better check out reviews of companies that provide this service so you will know who you should contact. Expect their prices to be competitive so you should choose the one that suits your budget the most. It would be awesome to get that out of the way quickly so you can finally focus on running the business. Thankfully, a lot of companies offer to take that task off of you even if there is a pandemic.