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Where to Look For MacBook Battery Repair Singapore

Let’s be honest. Nothing is boring to a MacBook laptop owner than operating with a bad battery. Such a storm will necessitate you to keep your MacBook plugged in all the time. You will be disadvantaged whenever there is a power blackout or you want to go out with your computer. A bad or dead MacBook battery is not anything to take for granted – it may cost you dearly when you madly need to use your laptop. You don’t have to wait until this happens – look for Elservice, a reliable macbook battery repair shop to get it sorted while you still have time. Here we present you with some of the best computer repair shops in Singapore where you can look for MacBook battery repair services.

Reliable Computer Battery Repair Shops in Singapore

  1. Fynd

When you want your computer battery repaired or replaced, you want it done immediately and at your convenience. If this is your case, Fynd Computer Repair Shop Singapore is among the best options you have. You will love the fact that they offer on-site repair services – you don’t have to leave your physical location to have your MacBook battery repaired. Simply give them a phone call and explain your computer details. Then tell them what the issue with your laptop battery. They will know whether it needs a repair or a replacement.


  1. Star Range

Yet another reliable computer repair shop to consider for your MacBook battery repair need is Star Range. The shop has been running since 2008, and the rate at which they are expanding is enough to justify their service. They currently boast of more than ten branches across Singapore

The repair shop offers all sorts of battery repair needs, so have no worry when making deals with them. As a way to guarantee their outstanding services, they give you a warranty of not less than one year. You can contact them on their official website or give them a phone call. They will respond and deliver to door step.


  1. Intelligent Computer Repair Shop

Just as their name suggests, Intelligent Computer Repair Shop is the real gurus when it comes to repairing all sorts of computer issues. They have been in the business for a while – something that should tell you more regarding the quality of services to expect. One thing they are known for is their computer repair technicians. The technicians here are not only qualified but also have undergone regular training on how to offer incomparable repair services.Whether you are located in the countryside or uptown, Intelligent Computer Repair Shop will deliver you services where you need them.They have an intelligent customer support desk that is available 24/7/365. Simply call, explain your issue, and one of the repair technician will visit to assess the conditions of your MacBook battery. He/she will then advise you on what to do.



There is no good reason to operate your laptop with a dead or bad battery. Experts advise you to look for repair or replacement before things turn out to be worse. The above are some of the most trusted and reliable computer battery repair shops in Singapore. Consider them the next time you will be looking to repair your MacBook battery.